Means of control

Our metrology department has modern control equipment which allows us to ensure the dimensional and geometrical characteristics required by our customers.

Three-dimensional machine

Three-dimensional machineWe have one coordinate measuring machine that allows us with accurate precision to generate the necessary structural information of a part for its quality control. It helps us define unequivocally the dimensions, shape, position and attitude (perpendicularity, flatness) of the part.

Roughness gauge

Roughness gaugeThanks to this precision instrument we can define the desired finishing on a machine surface. It is a characteristic of utmost importance in parts of high aesthetic value and in those in which its functionality is directly related to friction.


VCG-DurometerWe have a rockwell durometer which facilitates the analysis of the materials which we manufacture parts with. The hardness and resistance of the materials to be penetrated is a requirement that we have to monitor in order to ensure that safety and quality standards are in compliance.

Profile project

Profile projectWe have two profile projectors which help in measuring inaccessible areas of parts and allow us to observe details of small items. This tool of optics measurement is completely necessary for a guaranteed quality control.