Mission, vision and values

Our quality management system is an important factor in the needs of our customers. VCG.´s main aim is to supply our products in time, with the required quality and complying with the requirements included in contracts.

We have a professional and qualified team with a great experience in the sector.



In VCG se seek to offer our customers quality decoy parts to guarantee their satisfaction and that of all the agents interested.

Staff: Stability of employment and fair wages.

Company: Financial profitability that guarantees our future.

Society: Environmental commitment and generation of wealth.



Our aim is to be perceived both by our customers and also internally as a company in continuous development, which focuses on technological innovation and management..



Attitude of service to customers.

Openness to change and innovation.

Assumption of responsibilities.

Ability to collaborate. We are willing to learn and teach.

Promote productivity and improvement in the processes.