Productive process

In Viuda de Candido Gastelurrutia we invest in the most modern production methods in the market in order to comply with our customer requirements. From the moment we receive the order, we start the production process.

First, the material department is responsible for acquiring the material needed.

Then, the production office is responsible for preparing the machining proceeds in order to produce the parts.

Finally, in case it is necessary, we also provide the parts with the finishing or treatment requested: surface treatments, chemical treatments, heat treatments, grinding treatments, etc.…

Productive process:

Medios de producción

  1. Customer request.
  2. Receiving the order.
  3. Raw Material Gathering.
  4. Programming and Preparation CNC.
  5. Fabrication.
  6. Quality control.
    • Subcontracted Operations.
    • Thermic Treatments.
  7. Coatings.
  8. Final Control.